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Introduction to a Girl Who Loves to Yell Boomer Sooner

Hey guys....welcome to my introduction :)

Bring On The Confetti Because Less Than 5 Months Till Graduation, picture by Camille
My name is Camille Fichera. I grew up in Burleson, Texas. If you do not know where that is, it is where Kelly Clarkson is from! I actually had her same choir teacher.....but the talent did not transfer in the slightest haha.

I moved to Norman for college almost four years ago. I still remember my first day in town like it was yesterday. I thought graduation was so far away and here I am....less than 5 months away from walking across the stage.
Me at Camp Crimson ALMOST 4 YEARS AGO.....picture by Camille
In my time at OU I have had the opportunity to join the coolest organization ever...aka the RUF/NEK Lil'Sis. I have made so many quality friendships and memories that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I have been a representative of the University, been one of the first females to shoot a shotgun on Owen Field, rode the Sooner Schooner countles…

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