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Dancing Chef by Giphy


  1. This is potentially the most exciting project I’ve seen so far in this class! I am extremely excited for following this as the semester progresses, I feel like this has a lot of application as the food seems not overly complex and very comforting. It is a fun concept to track the instances of food being a prominent aspect of a story and expand those instances into their own separate project. You’re giving attention to details that, while important, are probably oftentimes glossed over. The concept of the Akshaya Patra is really interesting, so I’m curious to check back in about the Kheer you end up working with. Hanuman is easily my favorite character in the Ramayana, so I am very excited to get more into that rhythm as you tie his backstory into the cookbook via your mango ice cream. I think this will be a really fun project to work on, but potentially even more fun to follow along with – best of luck!


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