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  2. This is definitely the most creative idea I have heard in this class. That's really cool that you are able to make these Indian recipes to go along with the stories. My whole life I have never been into cooking and honestly didn't know how to cook anything except like scrambled eggs. This year is my first year that I am able to live somewhere with a kitchen and for some reason I have recently been really into cooking. I've never been a super big fan of Indian food but I need to check out your recipes and give it another try. I definitely will try your mango ice cream because that sounds delicious. A question I have for you is are these recipes you have been using for a while now or are these recipes they you are looking up and trying for your first time. If you have used these before have you grown up eating Indian food and what are your opinions about it? Well good luck with the rest of your stories and I'm excited to see your other recipes you have on your site.

  3. Camille,
    I love this idea for a project! I think it is so creative and I have no idea how you came up with it!! It's so cool that you are going to cook these recipes along with your project. Are you going to post pictures of your products as well? I think that would be a cool idea to do so. I think your introduction explains very well what you're going to be trying to accomplish along with reasoning why you chose these certain recipes. I definitely will be following your project because those pictures of food you included on your intro page look delicious (and it definitely doesn't help that I am starving as I type this right now!). As for the stories you will be retelling, I am really interested to see what approach you will take. Are you going to make the food a bigger deal in the story or are you simply adding the recipe as an addition? Overall, I can't wait to see how your project progresses and I will definitely be checking back in!

  4. Hi Camille!
    OH MY Goodness! I cannot wait to see this project! I think this is a great idea. I love food, and I love that you got cooking inspiration from the epics! I'm not culinary minded, so I never thought to make recipes from the stories we were reading. Personally, I don't remember any of the stories that you mentioned, so I'm excited to read them and see what you cook! I hope they will be easy enough for me to replicate.
    I do want to know if you are creating these recipes yourself or if your making recipes that you've found elsewhere. I think that your project website looks great. It's very clean, but the pictures you chose are a wonderful pop of color. I would suggest that you proofread if you get the chance, at the end of the 1st paragraph, you wrote, "do include once big common factor" instead of "do include one big common factor".
    I'm excited to see the next stories!

  5. Hi Camille!
    What a fun idea for a storybook! First, your layout is really clean and simple, which makes it so easy to read through since I'm not distracted by a ton of colors and whatnot. The little slideshow on the introduction page is so fun, too. I feel like I am on an actual recipe website--it is so professional-looking! Your introduction is also really wonderful. I do not know how you managed to make discussing food interesting, but I was captivated the whole way through. It will be so odd (but fun!) to read stories that are centered around a food item. Usually food is just background details, so actually paying attention to the food will make for a whole new way of reading. Your introduction prepares the readers really well for what you are about to talk about, and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

  6. Camille,
    I can't wait for you to get your first story out so I can try your first recipe! I think the idea behind your project is amazing and interactive. To me, learning by doing is the quickest way for me to get something to stick in my head. If you're saying I get to not only read a fun story about food, but also MAKE the food, I can't wait to get started on this. Even just from your introduction's layout, I can see this will be a well formatted project and that makes it all that much easier to read. I seriously can't wait to try the modak recipe. A potential problem I could see coming up is that we as readers may be a little too focused on the recipes! I hope you have a plan ready to put in place so we can focus on the story first, then food! This is going to be great.

  7. Hi Camille!

    This is probably one of the top most original ideas for a story book I have seen yet! I would never have thought to do something like this, yet alone the time it would take to pull something like this off! I am an avid cooking lover and so seeing something I love to do being intertwined with this course is really cool. It is such a fun idea I am already so excited to see the end product. I am curious to see how you will be able to do this and I wonder how much planning goes into this? The overall design of it though reminds me of a cookbook so it is really appeasing to see. What if you added a bit more detail to the intro page? I think it could really help with preparing the reader on what exactly to expect and what stories you are going to break down.

  8. Hi Camille!
    This idea for a storybook is really cool! You had me hooked at "food," but also including the mythology and especially the little twist of the phrase "whether you're just hungry for a good story or..." really pulled me in and made me want to know more as soon as possible! I wonder if you're going to format this like a traditional cookbook, or like a story with the instructions inside? I'd love to follow along with the recipes and try to cook the foods as well, and the formatting is going to be crucial to the communication of the recipes. The only recommendation I have for you is maybe putting the pictures of the food next to the paragraphs that describe them instead of the little slideshow up top...I saw the mango ice cream picture first and wondered if that was modak, the food of the first paragraph.

  9. Hi Camille!
    I LOVE this!!!! You got me hooked at food. I love how you embedded pictures in your intro page and that I can scroll through them. Did you learn this with a tech tip? I like how the foods all have to do with the stories even though they are not mentioned directly. I can't wait to actually try these recipes at home, so I definitely might come back and comment on your story again to update you. You should definitely add videos (like the Buzzfeed ones) to your storybook as you're making the food, so I can follow along. I wonder if you can get extra credit for it because I would love to see this happen. I am SO SO excited to start cooking again. How are you going to tell the stories? Are you going to keep the same or have a narrator or try a different style of writing? I am hungry now haha.

  10. Hi Camille. After reading your introduction post, I am really looking forward to this project! The idea to create a cooking guide while retelling classic stories that includes the food itself is such a creative idea. This is totally an idea that the food network should take up. It will be interesting to see how you find ingredients for these dishes, because Norman does not really have a lot of cultural food stores, but I think we might have just enough to do these dishes justice. This website is really well put together - I like the icon in the top left, and the idea to name the introduction "Food Prep" to stick with your theme. It is almost lunch time, so this storybook made me even hungrier. I hope you have fun with this project, and I will be back to see how your experiment with these foods goes

  11. Hi Camille!

    Probably like several others, I was intrigued by your project because of your title “Epic Cooking.” I thought to myself how someone can incorporate cooking into an Indian Epics class and after reading your intro, I got it! The part where you identified that those three stories have food in common was interesting because I never considered food to be an important aspect of stories. I think the coolest part is the fact that you will be recreating the dishes from the stories. I cannot wait to see how your project will unfold. I also really like your web design. Your web page definitely reminds me of a cookbook because it’s spatial and calming. Looking at your coming up recipes, I’m super excited for the mango ice cream one! I absolutely love mango so when you come out with the recipe, I’m definitely going to follow it. I have to give you props for being original and creative. However, I would like to know more about how you came to this idea and what gave you the idea to focus on food!

  12. Camille,

    The theme of your project is really creative. I love it. I also like the layout of your site- it's so clean and professional. The way you present your recipe and have pictures at each step of the recipe is AMAZING. You have done a great job and put an impressive amount of effort into your project!
    That said, I do see a few things you can improve on:
    1. Add quotes around the titles of the stories on your introduction page. It should be like this: "Ganesha the Vighnaharta", "Akshaya Patra," and "Hanuman and Surya." Then include your quotes in the same way when you mention the stories further down the page. Not only is this convention, but it makes everything easier to read!
    2. You changed verb tense in the middle of your story, and it really confused me. You were using past tense verbs (ex. was, woke, needed) and changed to present tense (ex. gets, bucks, explodes). Neither one is right or wrong- just be consistent because a change like that is confusing.
    3. You start you letter with "It's Ganesha!" and end it with "From your dear friend Modakapriya." Are these the same people?! I suppose you mentioned it in your introduction, but maybe you could do a better job ensuring that people KNOW in your story that those names are for the same people.

    I really like your project. You've done a really good job, and I struggled to find any writing mistakes. I'm excited to see your other recipes!

  13. Hello Camille,

    This is such a nice storybook! I commented earlier, so I won't repeat everything I said before, but I love this. Reading your first story was super cool. I want to try out the recipe (and now I have plenty of extra time!). The photos are so high quality and wonderful, do you have a cooking blog? Or a website? I would for sure check it out.
    As for the story, I think you have a great format! I love the little story that comes right before the recipe. Since you made it an email the recipe seems logical, not just randomly thrown in.
    I would suggest that you maybe edit out some of the "....", you use a lot of them, but sometimes you could just use a period (or a comma!). I think it would add variety to your sentences. Also since it's an email between friends, maybe he would use some emoji's or something lol.
    I really like what you have so far, have fun cooking:)

  14. Hello Again!

    I came back to your project to see your new addition and I’m absolutely blown away at everything. For starters, all your pictures were aesthetically pleasing. Your directions were great and understandable. Another thing I enjoyed was how casual the first paragraph was. Something I don’t like about the original stories that we’ve read in this class is that they were a little difficult to understand. Some thing that I thought would make your project better is to maybe include the kinds of pots you need as well as where you obtained all your ingredients. I only say to provide where you got your ingredients just because I have never heard of jaggery. Maybe I missed it somewhere but I’ve never seen it at Walmart given that I never really looked for it. For those that want to actually make the recipe, it would be really helpful to say where they can find it. Anyway, I’m waiting for the mango recipe! I can’t wait for your future recipes. Keep it up!

  15. Hey Camille,

    First things first, WOW! This is probably the most creative project I've seen so far. The idea is very original and it was fun to read too! Content-wise, I don't have any suggestions to make. You clearly have it all down haha. I do, however, have some small grammatical errors that I caught while reading your story. First off, " Okay, back to the story, Kroncha and I started our journey on this beautiful day.". I feel like it would be better to split this into two sentences since Ganesha is going from one thought to another. "Then a huge snake came out of nowhere." there should be a comma after "then". "When I hit the ground guess what stomach explodes" there should be a comma after ground. Other than that, your project was perfect! I particularly loved the recipes at the bottom too. Good luck with the rest of your project and I am looking forward to reading more!

  16. Hey Camille,

    I DID NOT EXPECT YOU TO ACTUALLY COOK!! YOU DID AMAZING! Let me just say that your storybook is SO. CREATIVE. I would’ve never thought to make a storybook like this and I love how you incorporated each recipe into the original story so well. The plot is not only educational, but it is also imaginative so that the story is also fun to read. The fact that you also took time to teach us how to make these traditional dishes is really unique. The pictures were a great way to help follow along with your descriptions because it made it easier to really understand what you were doing.

    My only critique about your story is that because I am not familiar with Indian food, I did not understand what the dish was supposed to be or actually look like. I know you included your final product at the end, but I think it would also be helpful to include another picture of the dish along with a description about its cultural background and taste.

  17. Hi Camille!
    First of all, I love your little chef icon next to your title. It is so cute! I love Indian food, so I knew these stories would make me super hungry. Your introduction did a fantastic job of explaining brief summaries of the stories you plan to complete in this storybook. Your writing and the style of this storybook portrays almost as a food blog or journal, and it is super unique!

    And what a crazy story! I could tell that Ganesha was one crazy and bizarre man. When starting to read, I was instantly wondering what a modak is, so your recipe was a great reference. Perhaps I would add a little bit of cultural information about the modaks? Where do they originate? Within what setting do people typically eat them? On a side note, you have a super nice camera, because those pictures are high quality! I know you mentioned how you didn't want to tell the original story how it was. I was wonder though, what did the original story say?

    I'm sad the modaks didn't come out as you expected, but I guess that just gives you an excuse to cook again and try more delicious food. Good luck with your next story!

  18. Camille, I'm back to see that you've gotten some stories (recipes)! There's not much to critique here through a storytellers perspective, because you can't really mess up a recipe! I still think this whole idea is awesome and I'm looking forward to trying to make some of these while stuck at home. The two you have up so far (modak and badam ladoo) look very interesting. Also seeing the progression of thinking the jaggery was the problem in the first one to loving it in the second is quite the turnaround. Knowing that you took some creative freedoms in making them gives me confidence that I won't mess them up too bad for being an inexperienced cook. I'll for sure be coming back to these recipes so I can try them. Also, tying in a short story to introduce how the dish is used in terms of the stories we've read. Seeing characters I can recognize makes me want to try them even more! Thanks for the recipes!

  19. Hi Camille!
    I love the start of the story it reminds me of dialogue in a video game when they want you to start a mission for a story.
    I also really like the layout for this story it looks like it came right off of a really professional cooking guide blog! Thank you for going through all the individual steps of the cooking process for Badam Ladoo. The pictures that you featured were all very helpful. They are super clear and give me a great idea how each step of the cooking process should look. For someone who can barely make cereal without causing a house like myself, you make cooking look like a walk in the park. Once again great job! Start to finish this was a really entertaining read! If the goal was to make me hungry and want to cook then you knocked it out of the park! With all this time at home with social distancing I might just try to make this recipe for myself!

  20. Howdy Camille,
    This is such a fun project. I have already shown your Badam Ladoo recipe to my wife as a quarantine project. So, thanks, this class is starting to pay dividends indeed. I love how you've tied in the backstories in such a way as to connect them to you personally, give context to the recipe, and then also motivate the creation of the dish itself - that is such a fun nod to the background for the assignment. The way you have laid out your recipes and provided clear reference pictures makes for an easy to follow along project and I appreciate it. In this weird time of uncertainty and lethargy, your project gives a much needed respite as it gives a fresh way of getting some novelty into the routine.
    Best of luck in the covid era, godspeed.

  21. Hi Camille,
    Your idea for your project is super creative and it is obvious that you put a LOT of work into it! It is probably the coolest project I have seen so far, to be honest! I like the whole project is in the form of a cookbook. You manage to both explain what the storybook will consist of while telling the story at the same time so your introduction feels more like the first chapter of a book rather than an introduction that 'breaks the fourth wall'. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but the point is that your storybook is great! The recipes look very tasty and I think it is super cool that you actually make the food! The layout of your storybook is also has a very crisp and clean feel to it and feels like an actual cookbook! I think the Badam "Bull" Ladoo looks super good and I am seriously thinking about following you recipe. I have a lot more free time now because of this quarantine so why not, right?

  22. Hey Camille,

    Just read through your storybook so far and I am beyond impressed! I was lucky enough to stumble upon it when we were focusing on images, and your project has a lot of great imagery. The kitchen looks beautiful! All of your pictures of making the recipe look professional and makes your project standout. It's clear that you did your due diligence to make something special.

    As a hobbyist and home chef myself, I was super intrigued to try some of the ingredients I've never had before, like the jaggery. Maybe I will try to pick some up soon and give on of your recipes a shot. It seemed like the Badam "Bull" Ladoo was your favorite, so I might go for those. They look pretty similar to other no-bake pastries I've had before like "puppy chow" and stuff, so I bet they tasted great. I'll be back to check for another recipe later, thanks for sharing your awesome work!

  23. Hi Camille,

    First of all, I love how unique and interesting your project is! The idea of the cooking and telling the Tales at the same time is such a cool adventure to take with this class. I read the Modaks for the Modakpriya and loved getting to see the recipe and story all at once. I also like how you made it interesting by using an email format as if you were in the same time period. I think it is so cool when we can use the old tales but put a modern twist or spin on them to modernize them and still make them relevant now.

    As for your Modaks, I am so sorry they did not turn out as expected but I think it is so awesome you tried to make them. Definitely keep experimenting because they still look really good. Also, I loved how you included pictures with every step for us!

  24. Hello Camille!

    I looove this rendition of story-telling and Indian Epics. It's unlike any other portfolio or storybook I've read in this class. It's all so informative, imaginative, fun and enjoyable - literally! I have yet to try these recipes for myself but because of this quarantine, I have no reason not to. The ingredients in both recipes are different than your typical dessert or snack, but it introduces us to another culture's food and I love that. I noted that coconut-based ingredients and jaggery seem to be common among both recipes, and I assume "finger food" is probably not unusual in this culture. My only recommendation to improve your "cook book" is to add photos of what other peoples' modaks and Badam Ladoo look like so we can get a grip on what an ideal or "perfected" recipe looks like. Not that yours aren't delicious looking already! It just helps us visualize other styles or remakes of the finished product. I'm hoping you get to finish your third recipe for this project. I can just see myself pinning these on Pinterest!

  25. Camille,
    I heard about your story from a friend, and I have to say that I am completely impressed! I've never seen anything like this, and I applaud you for your creativity! Something I think would be really cool is to put a dialogue at the end. It'd be sweet to hear their 'reactions' to the food you make! I have to protest in a suggestion to skip the cardamom, hah. I love cardamom! I'd put it in anything sweet if I could, lol. I love putting that in my tea when I make a London fog. I wonder what your last story will be, I'd love to see something savory. I know you have each story you want to do in mind, but either way I'd recommend you making potato somosa's. This family at my mosque always makes them and they are SO GOOD.

    Also, Sorry your modaks didn't turn out how you wanted to! Since you liked it with your Badam Ladoo, maybe it just mixes well with certain ingredients. Your stories definitely make me hungry now, hah. Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. Hello Camille,
    What a wonderful idea. I never would have considered using this class as an opportunity to educate myself on cooking authentic Indian dishes. I don't think I've ever cooked and Indian food besides a couple different types of curry, so seeing the dishes you made was really interesting since I didn't even know they existed. That Badam Ladoo (whatever that is) didn't look half bad either. I also liked how you correlated each recipe with its own story. The way you rewrote the stories made them feel like they could accompany the recipes. I honestly don't have any recommendations for your project. It all flows really nicely, the voice and tone are consistent throughout, and the food looks yummy! Overall a great job. Keep up the good work!

  27. Hello Camille,

    I think that your style of making foods that pertain to the stories, is awesome! That is so clever and unique in a lot of ways. I loved how you added the pictures of ingredients needed to make these receipts. Also, when you have the letters addressed to you from the characters is great. I particularly liked how you have the short story for cooking, "Badam Ladoo." This class is really focused on creativity from each individuals own self and I like the style that you have chosen. It makes it really fun to read and learn on how to cook these foods. This is a neat way of using the stories and putting your own personal spin on them! If I ever want to ride an angry bull or try to gain ones trust I will definitely look into the recipe again! (lol) Awesome job. Keep it up!

  28. Hello Camille,

    I read your story about Krishna riding Hastin and I absolutely loved it. I too watched the Epified series and remember watching that story! I really liked how the writing is super casual - I feel like it’s so conversational and informal. The tone also adopts a sense of modernism? I read your first project and I told myself that I had to come back to see the rest of your project. I’m patiently waiting for your mango recipe because I absolutely love them! While I was reading, I noticed there a were couple of grammatical and spelling errors that can be easily fixed. I also think reading over your author’s note would be helpful! I read your directions and thought they were easy to understand. Lastly, all of your pictures are aesthetically appealing. Great work!

  29. Camille,

    I'll have to say, from just seeing the title and front page of your website, this is one of the more creative websites that I've seen from this class! There was never a thought in my mind that I could've created stories with the inclusion of something as fun as a cookbook such as this. In addition, I would also like to add that I overall enjoyed the formatting and ease of access of the website. Everything is simple and nicely organized and it appeals to the eyes of the visitor! In terms of the story itself, I liked how you employed your own version of the ancient stories alongside the component of the cooking recipes themselves -- this adds to the overall interest of the story! And to make it even better, you even created the works of cooking itself, which is absolutely fascinating. I wish I could eat some of those creations! Good work, and I hope to see more of these recipes soon!

  30. Camille, I love that your project is about cooking! Honestly, I did not even know we could have a cooking project but I LOVE your creativity! Also, the fact that you cooked them at home, I think that is so amazing and a great way to learn about the culture. I am actually from India and even though I have never had modak's before, I have had Ladoo's! It's actually a tradition for us to have Ladoo's for almost all occasions and for Panjabi's (like me) when you get married, you typically send a box of Ladoo's (if possible) with you wedding invite!

    Back to your portfolio, I think you've done a great job. I like that you incorporate your cooking through the images! I also liked that you did not just put the recipes, but also incorporated a story! I think having the writing be in terms of letters asking you about the recipes is so cute and a really creative idea. You’ve done a just a wonderful job!!


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